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Odinism in the News

The FBI just eleased a report called Project Megiddo, intended to analyze the potential of criminal activity in the U.S. by individuals or groups who attach special significance to the year 2000. Odinism gets a mention, which is hardly surprising, considering who has been part of Odinism movement in the United States. (Please note, the Odinism movement is different from some people who call themselves Odinist to mean strictly that they are followers of the God Odin.)

Material from this report has been picked up by mainstream news outlets, including the Washington Post. Project Megiddo is in pdf format, and is sobering reminder of some of the disturbing individuals at the fringes of Norse Paganism, and an alert to the thoughtful Asa-person. The main FBI site is here, the direct link to the report is here.

Babywise Update

Folks awhile back learned about the existence of a book called Babywise, a purportedly mainstream child-rearing book that pushed a specific, conservative Christian agenda. (Please note, this is not a slam on Christians as a whole, many Christians have denounced this book.)

The authors are currently wrangling with a British child-rearing expert as they go on a tour over the puddle. To read the original article, go to this link, and to see the update, go here.

Thirteenth Warrior

Okay, I'm a little scared to go see the Thirteenth Warrior. What I've heard sounds so remote from Ibn Fadln's original account as to make the Scarlet Letter starring Demi Moore look like a documentary. To check out the story on Ibn Fadln, and the Thirteenth Warrior, visit the Viking Answer Lady's site. She'll fix you up.

Wren's Nest

Wren's Nest is a frequently updated page that has news of interest to the Neo-Pagan world, mainly reports of Neo-Pagans in the mainstream media, legislative alerts, and cases of discrimination. Check it out!

Last updated 11/7/99.

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