The Asatru List

The Asatru list is an internet mailing list for the communication of ideas and information between Asatru folk and interested parties. Posts on any topic connected with the practice of Asatru are welcome.

There are currently (9/99) almost 200 people on the list and roughly two dozen messages a day on a variety of topics.

All you need to join is an e-mail address.

To join send a mail message to containing the message "SUBSCRIBE ASATRU Your Name" (Leave off the quotes.) "Your Name" is not your e-mail address (the listserv will get this automagically from the headers), but refers to the name you wish to have in the "from" section of the message.

If you are interested in joining, you should read The Asatru List Charter

If you are new to Asatru, please visit Asatru Basics .

If you'd like to learn more about Norse Mythology, visit Folklore and Mythology Electronic Texts or The Norse Mythology Web Page.

The internet has its own terminology, some of which is readily accessible to new people, some of which is not. Any forum with a history (like this list) tends to develop its own in-jokes, references and terminology. Some commonly used terms on this mailing list are here.

Other questions may be addressed to the moderator.

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