The Raven Kindred Association By-Laws--Adopted 1/2/94

The name of the organization shall be The Raven Kindred Association.

II. The Raven Kindred Association (RKA) is a non-profit religious organization consisting of independent subgroups (kindreds or hearths) involved in the Norse Pagan religion (aka Heathenism or Asatru). The purpose of the RKA is to promote Asatru as a faith, strengthen the bonds between Asatru groups, and to educate the public about the Asatru religion.

III. Membership in the RKA is available for Kindreds as follows.

A. Member Kindreds shall consist of three or more persons who are Professed Asatru, have signed the RKA Statement of Principles, and have been admitted to the RKA by The Thing.

B. Each Member Kindred shall designate a single person to act as their Delegate to The Thing. If a Member Kindred wishes to change the person acting as Delegate, they must inform the RKA President 30 days in advance. In the case of death or incapacitation of the Delegate, the 30 day requirement may be waived at the option of the President or The Thing.

C. The independence and autonomy of Member Kindreds shall not be infringed upon by the RKA, the President, or The Thing.

IV. Membership in the RKA is available for individuals in three categories as follows.

A. Full Members are those individuals who are Full Members of Member Kindreds. A list of such individuals shall be provided in a timely basis by each Member Kindred.

B. Associate Membership shall be available directly from the RKA to Professed Asatru who sign the RKA's Statement of Principles.

C. Limited Membership shall be available directly from the RKA to persons who agree with the RKA's Statement of Principles, but who are not yet Professed Asatru or who do not wish to sign the Statement of Principles.

V. The Thing shall choose a President to be the Chief Executive Officer of the RKA. The President shall preside over The Thing when it is in session and is responsible for reporting on RKA activities to member kindreds. He or she shall see to the proper business of the RKA between meetings of The Thing. The President shall serve from the close of the meeting at which he is elected until the close of the meeting at which his or her successor is elected.

VI. The RKA will meet once per year in an Annual Meeting. At such meetings, a governing council will be formed consisting of the the Delegates and the President. This governing council shall be known as The Thing and shall serve until the following annual meeting. This meeting shall be announced by mail to all Member Kindreds with not less than 30 days notice.

A. Each Delegate for a Member Kindred shall have one vote for each 10 members of their kindred or fraction thereof.

B. All decisions of The Thing shall be by simple majority vote. the President shall only vote in the event of ties.

C. Any interested parties shall be given reasonable access to address the Thing during formal meetings.

D. The Thing may be called to meet between annual meetings by the President on his or her own authority, or when a petition is submitted by 1/3 of the Delegates or by 1/3 of the Full & Associate Members.

E. The Thing shall have the power to overrule decisions of the President made between meetings of The Thing.

F. At the annual meeting, The Thing shall elect a President who must be a Full Member of the RKA.

G The Thing shall have the sole power to admit Member Kindreds. The Thing may vote to table a motion for membership for six months rather than reject it entirely. The Thing shall also have the power to revoke Kindred or Individual Membership in the RKA.

H. At the Annual Meeting, a "Independent Kindred" shall be formed from Associate Members of the RKA and may appoint a Delegate. However, this "kindred" shall exist only during the Annaul Meeting and their Delegate shall serve only during the convening of The Thing during the Annual Meeting.

VII. Such officers as are deemed necessary may be appointed by the Thing or by the President.

VIII. The RKA and its Member Kindreds shall not discriminate on the basis of race, sex, or sexual orientation.

IX. These bylaws may be amended or replaced by a 2/3rds vote of The Thing.

X. In the event of the dissolution of the RKA, all remaining assets and properties shall be donated to a non-profit organization of similar purpose.

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