Huginn & Munnin

News of Interest to the Asatru Community

[Please note: This news dates from March 94]

Religious Freedom Restoration Act Passes

In November, President Clinton has signed the Religious Freedom Restoration Act. This is perhaps the most important legislation regarding religious freedom to ever appear. See article on p. 18 for more details.

Sveinbjorn Beinteinsson Dies

Sveinbjorn Beinteinsson, poet, epic singer, and Allherjarsgothi of Icelandic Asatru died on December 25, 1993. Beinteinsson was a devoted follower of the Old Gods, fought for, and obtained legal recognition for the old faith in Iceland. He was the founder of the organized Asatru movement in Iceland and remained its leader until his death.

Raven Thing I

The Raven Kindred Association sponsored Raven Thing I, a weekend long festival held in Maryland over New Year's weekend. Over 20 people were in attendance, some from as far away as New England. A number of blots and sumbels were held over the weekend and it was an unqualified success.

Internet List Moves

The troth-l mailing list on the internet has changed servers. It is now simply known as troth and mail should now be sent to For those not already on it, the troth list is a valuable tool and many Asatru luminaries frequently post messages there. To subscribe, send a message to consisting of the following message: "subscribe troth <name>" Internet mail can be accessed through America Online, Delphi, CompuServe, and thousands of other public and private services.

Ymir Thunarsson Removed from Rede

Ymir Thunarsson of Eagles Reaches has been removed from the High Rede (board of directors) of the Ring of Troth. The Rede voted to remove Ymir following comments he made at an Eagles Reaches gathering and then published in their journal, On Wings of Eagles. The remarks concerned worries Ymir had over how much Wiccan ideas were influencing Asatru and the effects of "Political Correctness." The High Rede felt that such criticism was not proper for a member of their board of directors, and due to this and other questions about Ymir and Eagles Reaches, voted to strip him of his Rede position. Ymir has been ill and out of touch with the community, but reiterates his dedication to Asatru and claims that the Eagles Reaches journal, On Wings of Eagles, should restart publication shortly.

Teutonic Religion Released

After what seemed to many of us an interminable wait, Kveldulfr Gundarrson's book Teutonic Religion was released by Llewellyn. See the review on p. 24.

Asatru Comics

Master of the Void from Iron Hammer Graphics is now available in comic book stores. This is the first in a series of graphic novels based on Icelandic Sagas and mythological sources. According to the publishers, the artists are Nordic Pagans. If one cannot find it locally, queries by mail can be sent to Iron Hammer Graphics c/o Avalanche Comics; Villa Italia Mall; 7200 W. Alameda; Lakewood, CO 80226

Our Troth Completed

The Ring of Troth is currently taking orders for Our Troth, the successor to A Book of Troth. The huge manuscript (700+ pages) was compiled by Kveldulfr Gundarrson from submissions from members and friends of the Ring. The paperback cost is $15 for members and $25 for non-members. The hardback is $30 for members and $40 for non-members. Please add $2 ($3.00 foreign) for shipping and handling for either edition. The envelope or check should be marked "Our Troth Book Fund," but checks should be made out to The Ring of Troth and mailed to P.O. Box 212; Sheridan, IN 46069

Ring of Troth Solidifies Godman Program

The Ring of Troth has issued final guidelines on their new Godman program. The Godman/Godwoman is a less involved alternative to their Elder program. Godmen and women will hold clergy status through the Ring and groups led by them are eligible for Garth status.

New Asatru Magazine

Fjallabok is now available from Skergard; P.O. Box 233; Rollinsville, CO 80474. It is $24/year published monthly. See the review on p. 27 [NOTE: This publication has ceased production]

Gefjon Cleghorn Resigns from Ring High Rede

Gefjon Cleghorn was appointed to the High Rede of the Ring of Troth in place of Ymir Thunarsson. However, on February 25th, she resigned from the Rede citing differences between her personal philosophy and the direction of the Ring including a lack of theological direction, slow response time to mail, the Ring's heirarchal structure, and exchanging advertising with the racialist Asatru Alliance.


Thor Odin Dalebo and Joe Merrick were Professed as Asatru at The Raven Kindred South's Winterblot on December 4, 1993. Both have been worshipping the Gods for many years. Joe Merrick is a former member of the Hall of the True Gods. Thor is a member of the Ring of Troth.

David Carron was Profesed as Asatru on January 2, 1993 during Raven Thing I. He has been a regular attendee at Raven Kindred North and is Co-President of the U-Mass Pagan Students Organization.


East Coast Summer All-Thing

Eric Moore has indicated that he will coordinate an East Coast Allthing during the summer of 1994, but final plans are not yet available. Eric is one of the founding members of Dragon's Hearth and the Pennsylvania Steward for The Ring of Troth.

San Francisco Gathering

The Ring of Troth's annual Ostara gathering will be held at Golden Gate Park in San Francisco over the weekend of March 31st through April 3rd. There is limited space. For more details write to Freya's Folk; 537 Jones St #165; San Francisco, CA 94102

Missouri Gathering Announced

Wednesbury Hearth will sponsor a May Day gathering for the Ring of Troth to be held in Missouri on April 29th through May 1st with festivities to be performed in the Theodish manner. For more details write to Wednesbury Hearth; Route 1 Box 120; Huntsville MO 65259.


Ecumenicon is a religious conference for magical & spiritual religions held each year in the Metro DC area. This years conference features two teachers of note to Asatru. Jane Sibley will be teaching on Norse and Sami topics, and Janna Pereira and Lewis Stead will be teaching Asatru. For more details write to Ecumenicon Foundation; 5400 Eisenhower Ave; Alexandria, VA 22304, electronic mail to or phone (703) 823-7560.