From the High Seat...

Let me welcome you all to the first issue of Asatru Today. Let me assure you it has been a long strange trip getting here. It seems like only a short time ago when I was writing a page very similar to this for another magazine. That magazine went by the wayside, a victim of my own evolution as a person and as an Asatruar. Now, I'm once again leaping into the fray.

First, I'd like to say that without Wilfred von Dauster and Mountain Thunder this magazine would not be appearing as it is. For those that never read it, for two years Mountain Thunder set a peak standard for Asatru magazines in writing and graphic presentation. It not only equalled the best of the Neo-Pagan movement, but it surpassed all competition.

However, Mountain Thunder has passed from us, and now the Raven Banner must be lifted by others, even if less capable. Mountain Thunder provided a forum to examine our emerging Heathen community publishing excellent articles on historical and religious topics, but also taking on tough issues like racism, religious discrimination, and living the worthy life in modern America. We hope to continue on in this spirit, as well as offering more news and information about our modern American community.

In addition to offering great thanks for the work that Will put in on Mountain Thunder over the last few years I would also like to personally thank him for the help he has given me on getting Asatru Today together including our wonderful logo, which he created for us. I would also like to thank Gamlinginn on two fronts. First, he has been publishing a small, but very informative newsletter entitled Asatru Today, and when I mentioned my proposed title for this magazine, he very graciously offered us the title. Second, he is the primary source for our kindred listings and other networking information.

I would also like to thank our authors, The Raven Kindred South, and all those other True Folk who have offered me encouragement on this project. And, to you the readers, I hope you enjoy Asatru Today and will continue to support us.