Huginn & Munnin

News from the Heathen Community

[Please note: This news dates from June 1994.]Eastern U.S. Fall Allthing
Dragon's Hearth has announced an East Coast Allthing will be held over theweekend of 9/23-25 near Philadelphia Pennsylvania. The cost is $25 for foodand drink and people must pre-register before August 15th. Many prominent EastCoast Ásatrúar will be in attendance. For more details write to1015 Rutledge Ave; Phoenixville, PA 19460.

Ostara Trothmoot
The Ring of Troth held its annual gathering over the weekend of March 31-April3 in San Francisco California. Some 100 persons were in attendance, from aroundthe United States, Canada, and the UK.

May Gathering in Midwest
Wednesbury Theod hosted a regional gathering over May Day/Walpurgis near KansasCity. Over thirty persons were in attendance, including Ring of Troth SecretaryWilliam Bainbridge, and Steersperson Prudence Priest.

Olaf Trygvason CD
Lavrans Møller informs us that the opera, Olaf Trygvason,reviewed in the last issue of Ásatrú Today, is beingwithdrawn. If you wish to get ahold of this spectacular piece of music,order/search now.

Gokstad Ship
Lack of funds for its preservation may doom the replica of the Gokstad shipwhich was sailed from Norway and has been on display in America. For details onmaking a contribution, as Ásatrúar, for its preservation, writeto Hrafnaheimr; 7954 West Third St; Los Angeles, CA 90048.

New Editor for Idunna
William West has been chosen to be the next Shope for the Ring of Troth, andeditor of their journal Idunna. He is actively soliciting comments aboutthe magazine and what members would like to see from it. Send comments courtesyof the Ring of Troth or thru e-mail to

Indiana Ásatrú Council
Several kindreds have formed an organization for the promotion of our faith inIndiana. The IAC accepts all Ásatrú groups as members, butoperates solely within the state. For more information on the IAC write to P.O.Box 441308; Indianapolis, IN 46244.

Son of Our Troth
KveldulfR Gundarsson is now soliciting contributions for the second edition ofOur Troth. Please send articles and contributions to him care of theRing of Troth. The first edition is extremely impressive and reviewed on p.32.

School of Theodish Belief
Wednesbury Hearth/Theod has started a school to educate persons about GermanicHeathenry with a special focus on Theodism. Each lesson consists of a smallbooklet (25-30 pp.) such as "Wyrd and the Nine Worlds," "The Gods," and"Heathen Law." For more information write to Eric Wodening c/oTerry Canote; Rt 1 Box 120; Huntsville, MO 65259-9714.

Norwegian Gathering
Draupnir Ásatrúlag, in collaboration with BlindernÁsatrúlag, organizes a riksblot (a national blot) in Norway,taking place in a pristine area in Soloer, the week-end 24th-26th of June.This summer solstice blot is open to everybody from all traditions that fallwithin the asatru umbrella. The fee is 100 kroner. Write to Draupnir; PO Box14; N-2436 Vaaler i Soloer NORWAY.

New Ship Find
A Viking ship--or at least a ship from the early Middle Ages, carbon dated toaround 1070--has been found in the Goeta Elv river, some miles north ofGoeteborg, near the place where the so-called Aeskekaerr ship (a Viking shipfrom around 1000) was found in the thirties. Two young amateur archeologists,who have been engaged in building a copy of the Aeskekaerr ship, found the shiplast summer but didn't make it public until some days ago, after variousscientific tests had been made and Jan Bill, an expert from the Viking shipmuseum in Roskilde, had written a report about the finding.