From the High Seat...

It's certainly a pleasure to introduce you to our second issue ofÁsatrú Today. I think we have an interesting lineup this timearound. In the practical vein, KveldulfR Gundarsson has some excellent commentsand information about making physical representations of our Gods for use inworship. From a very different standpoint, we offer up an analysis of theVolsung saga from a psychological and archetypical viewpoint. The author, DevynGillette, has been an organizer for years in the Wiccan community, and we lookforward to more contributions from him on the Germanic traditions. Rurik theRestless returns for a bit of a rant, as s/he will each issue. LavransMøller has some solid advice for any Ásatrúar who might bedrinking a little too much--an article solicited after meeting the author, andhaving a conversation about the topic.

This brings us to my next point. I met Lavrans at an Ásatrú blotin Massachusetts. Since January there has been an unprecedented amount of newcontacts between various members of the Heathen community. There have beenthree public Heathen gatherings, and strong Norse presences at many of theWiccan gatherings. Perhaps it's just me, but I also see signs that a lot moregroups are visiting each other or even exchanging mail or phone calls. All thisis very important to building our faith, and most of it has been done not bythe big national leader types, but by everyday Ásatrú.

Get out there and do it. Hail the Gods!